Prestige Killer is a simple and free Chrome plugin for removing ‘prestige’ on the web.

As a ‘young creative’ I noticed that I sometimes felt bad when reading the biographies of designers, filmmakers, journalists and other creatives on the internet. The internet is flooded with award winning people boasting about their accomplishments.

I understand that we have to separate the men from the boys. But at the same time I sometimes felt a little voice in my head asking me why I didn’t win this random prestigious price.

We human beings we often feel the need to compare ourselves with others. Multiple studies have been done on the negative impact that social media have on the wellbeing of human beings.

Prestige Killer is a simple Chrome plugin that removes the prestige on the web by censuring ‘prestigious’ words and awards. It currently has a small dataset around journalism and media, architecture and more general design. There is also the ability to add your own words. I made it in a couple of evenings and it should be considered more as a proof of concept than a real working tool.

— Erik van Zummeren

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